World GN PRO Affiliate Program

Share & Earn with the Wor(l)d PRO Referral Program

How would you like to get paid each and every month for referring people to the Wor(l)d PRO marketing system? Well, now you can with our new referral program!

That’s right! We’ll pay YOU when you refer other Wor(l)d distributors who set up their own subscription on our platform.

While other systems in the industry may only reward you with a free subscription when you refer a certain amount of people, we wanted to do something different… and reward you MORE.

Not only does Wor(l)d PRO offer the most value at unbeatable prices, when compared to typical marketing systems, but we now have a very lucrative referral program that pays you for the lifetime of your referral’s subscriptions.

That’s more value for the subscriber, and more money in your pocket. :)

Here’s How It Works:


Share your unique referral links with others and our affiliate system automatically tracks your visitors so you get the credit if they subscribe.


Draw in new subscribers with our free trial offer. People on a free trial are considered “leads” until they make their first subscription payment.


Earn 20% recurring commissions on all referrals that continue past the 7-day free trial period for the life of their monthly or annual subscription.

View  Leads

View the contact information of your leads (those on a free trial) so you can follow-up with your referrals during their free trial period.

Track  Sales

View daily, weekly and monthly reports showing how many unique clicks your referral links have received, your total sales, and your affiliate commissions.

Get  Paid

Get paid out every 30 days securely to your PayPal account. (Note: $100 in commissions required to get paid, and first pay cycle is after 60 days.)

Simply set up your personal subscription and we’ll show you how to activate your affiliate account to begin referring other Wor(l)d distributors!

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If you are already a Wor(l)d PRO subscriber, you can learn how to activate your affiliate account and get your referral URL’s in the “Referral Program” section of the Wor(l)d PRO member area.

(Important: You must remain an active subscriber to the Wor(l)d PRO marketing system to be able to participate in the referral program and to get paid as an affiliate. We are unable to manually add you as the referrer for subscribers that do not use your referral link or signed up before the referral program was launched. The detailed affiliate policies can be read in the Affiliate Agreement.)

We look forward to seeing your success as a Wor(l)d PRO affiliate. Happy promoting! :)

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