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Updated Product and Opportunity Landing Pages

We have some exciting news!

The 2 Minute HELO video that has been so effective in sharing the benefits of the original HELO Classic, has now been updated with new HELO LX graphics!

Click here to view a live demo

The HELO lead capture pages as well as the HELO customer acquisition pages have all been updated with the new Helo LX 2 minute video. The sharing URL’s have not changed, so simply share the same links and your visitors will now see the new video.

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Updated Opportunity Landing Page

In addition to the updated HELO landing pages and product page, we have also updated the first opportunity lead capture funnel (preview here) with the 2 Minute HELO LX video and a 5 minute BUSINESS overview video.

This page now allows you to share both the new HELO LX product coming in March, while providing information about the company and pay plan in a concise format. After a person fills out the form they are directed to the main personal website included with the system where they can learn more and buy/join (Example of the full personal site:

Much more coming

In our last update we released the new BioZen pages, new Buy/Join page with new packages, and new Helo LX graphics and page elements.

As Wor(l)d gears up to start shipping the HELO LX in March, our team is preparing even more landing pages and content to help you spread the word to your warm and cold market.

We will also be slowing phasing out the HELO CLASSIC as supplies go and it is no longer available from Wor(l)d. Right now, you can still share the HELO CLASSIC with dedicated landing pages and product pages, until the Classic is completely phased out.

Stay tuned for more updates coming very shortly!

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