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Updated Infolio Smartphone Product Page

If you have been following the updates from Wor(l)d over the past couple weeks, you may have seen the much-anticipated release of the Infolio Smartphone. During this first release, the Infolio can be pre-ordered in the Loyalty Store, using loyalty points accumulated through the Loyalty Membership.

There were some design updates included in the release of the Infolio, and our web design team has completely redesigned the Infolio product page as part of the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system.

Your Own Personal Infolio Product Page

You can check out the new product page included on the main replicated site here.)

One thing that separates our system from others, is that we also product separate product-based landing pages that do not include links to the other products nor the business opportunity. This allows you to do product-focused marketing and target potential CUSTOMERS.

The customer acquisition pages come with 2 versions. The first for warm market without a lead capture form (preview here.). And the second for cold market with a lead capture form (preview here.).

Although the Infolio is only currently available for Loyalty Members, once the Infolio is released for retail purchasing, we will update the product pages accordingly.

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Stay tuned for some more BIG updates coming, including new content featuring the Helo Plus & Helo Pro, non-invasive blood-glucose monitoring, and much more!

This new content will open up new markets, and allow you to target millions of potential customers through our unique targeted landing pages. Stay tuned!

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