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New Wor(l)d Business Opportunity Lead Capture Page & Other Updates

Our development team has been busy adding new content to the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system and there is still more to come!

New Business Landing Page

This is a great lead-in page for business-minded individuals or for network marketers. (Preview it here). The video and content gives a sneak peek at “the future of network marketing” and how Wor(l)d is leading the charge.

After a visitor fills out the form they are brought to the video tour where they can learn about the Helo and the Business with two short video (Example: From there, they can browse to your full personal site included with the system (Example:

This page URL is now available in the member area and you can share the version that requires a phone number in the form or one where it is optional.

Other BIG Updates

Google Translate Now Active
We have added a “translate” button on the bottom-left of each page of your marketing system, allowing people that don’t speak English to translate any page. Although this is automated machine translation, provided by Google, it will allow people to understand what the web pages are saying. It’s not perfect, and won’t translate the videos, but it will get the message across in every language Wor(l)d does business in. We will look at developing professionally translated landing pages in certain languages as we go, based on user demand.

Helo Classic Sold Out – Join Page updated
The 1st generation Helo has now sold out and is no longer available for purchase. We have updated the site’s JOIN page with new package images and copy. Wor(l)d has also improved the ordering and registering process, and we have updated the Join page with instructions on how the process works. Now a user can browse the pack they want and go directly to your Wor(l)d store to add-to-cart, register and checkout. We automatically integrate your Wor(l)d store with the marketing system, so you just have to send people to your Wor(l)d Pro site to buy or sign up.

HELO App Store & Testimonials
The upcoming HELO App Store was just announced allowing developers to access the API and develop new apps that can be used on the HELO. This will only increase the value of the HELO and we wanted to highlight that on the HELO product page. The page has now been updated with information about the App Store as well as previews of how the App Store will look when it is released. We have also added some Helo product testimonials to that page near the bottom.

New Pay Plan Video
A more detailed Wor(l)d Pay Plan video has been added to the “Earn” page [ ] on the main personal website. This new video is just under 20 minutes long and visually explains each way you get paid with Wor(l)d. Under the video, we break down each of the ways you get paid by providing written and graphical explanations. You can send someone directly to this page if they are wanting to learn about how the Pay Plan works.

Product & Opportunity Landing Page Updated
We have improved the first product/opportunity landing page (preview here) that features the 2 minute Helo LX video and a 5 minute business presentation. We shortened the business video from 7 minutes to 5, as the first 2 minutes were redundant and featured the same content that was covered in the 2 minute Helo video. We also added a button to view the Helo comparison chart. Finally, we have provide a version of this landing page without a lead capture form. This version is a great way to introduce your warm market (friends, family, co-workers, etc) to Wor(l)d. They can take the video tour then learn more by clicking to the various section of the full personal website included with your system.

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If you have any questions about our marketing system don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We have even more updates coming over the next week so stay tuned!

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