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New HELO LX Product Video & More!

As thousands of people around the world begin to receive their shipments of the new HELO LX wellness wearable, our Wor(l)d GN PRO development team has been quietly working on a brand new HELO LX sizzle video to help you promote this incredible technology.

We are excited to unveil it right now and have YOU be one of the first to see it. So turn up your speakers and click play below:

The existing HELO LX lead capture pages (preview here), the product & opportunity landing page (preview here) and the full HELO LX product page (preview here), have already been updated with this new video. If you are already a Wor(l)d Pro subscriber, just keep promoting the same URL’s and your visitors will now be able to watch it.

We highly recommend you send out your personal web link to anyone you previously sent it to and tell them to check out the new video! Notify your team members too — we are positive this tool will not only help you, but your entire organization sign up more customers and distributors :)

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New Wor(l)d Opportunity Video

To compliment the HELO LX video, we have also updated the marketing system pages with the recently released 4-minute Wor(l)d business opportunity company video.

This video can be viewed on the Helo + Opportunity landing pages as the 2nd video (preview here). This provides an effective one-two punch, when prospecting for new distributors.

Plus, we’ve updated the EARN page (preview here) with the 2nd half of the video that talks about the ability to earn income through World Global Network.

Compliance Update

Wor(l)d corporate released new compliance documentation that outlines the proper language to use when sharing the products and business with potential customers and distributors.

We are proud to announce that we have completed a detailed compliance screening of the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system, including all written content, videos and other media assets. Your personal system web pages are already updated and fully compliant with these new rules, including the use of proper product and income disclaimers.

We take compliance very seriously and it is important that distributors have tools available to them that will always be updated to stay compliant. Be assured our team will always act swiftly to keep the marketing system updated and approved for use in this regard.

In fact, we were ready to release the new HELO LX video last week. However, when the compliance documentation came out, there were a few words such as “health” and “vital signs”, that were not permitted by Wor(l)d to use when talking about the products. In addition, distributors cannot mention specific future features that are not yet available. We quickly went back to the production process, and spent the time (and money) to edit the video and record a new voice-over. We take great care in our work and are proud to present this fully-compliant HELO LX video for all distributors to use.

Other Updates

2 New BioZen Result Videos
The BioZen product page (preview here) has been updated with 2 more videos that tests the affects of BioZen using a Teslameter and Biomonitor. Showing verified results is an important part of the education process when it comes to BioZen and these new videos will help show scientific evidence of the sticker chip’s efficacy.

Updated User Guides & Resources
The HELO LX User Guide was recently released by the company and the HELO product pages have be updated to provides these in PDF form for every language they are offered in. Also, there is a new “Infocenter” that is a resource hub, providing all the documents and assets for the products and business. This Infocenter is now accessible in the “Resources” section of the Wor(l)d Pro member area.

Other Languages Coming
Recently we implemented a “Translate” button on all marketing system web pages. This is an automated translation algorithm provided by Google that digitally translates any on-page text into any language. Although this will help visitors who don’t speak English understand the gist of what’s being said, it is not meant to be a 100% perfect solution. We are beginning to professional translate specific landing pages for certain markets, based on the amount of members in those markets. This will include video and text translation and will include unique URL’s which you can share to prospects that speak these languages. We will update you as these pages become available and show you where you can access the unique links. If you have a team of at least 200 and are interested in helping translate video and text, you can contact our team for more information.

More Landing Pages Coming
One thing you’ll see from our development team is a constant release of new content too help you market to targeted audiences and penetrate new markets and demographics. We are working on some new landing pages to help you acquire both new customers and new distributors. Plus, we’re developing some custom options that will allow you to require the form be filled out to play the video, as well as the ability to embed your own web form (from any CRM or service that allows you to create an embeddable form.) Stay tuned for more!

New Facebook Page & YouTube Channel
Although our company MarketBolt Solutions has it’s own Facebook page, in an effort to streamline real-time updates and communication to Wor(l)d Pro system subscribers, we’ve created a Wor(l)d Pro Facebook Page. We also just launched a Wor(l)d Pro YouTube Channel that will allow you to easily access videos we use on the system. This can be helpful if you want to embed any of them to create a custom video landing page using the CreateCloud page-builder feature included with the marketing system.

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We look forward to continually provide the best content and marketing system for you and your team members. Bookmark this blog and visit our Facebook page often to get the latest news and we ramp up new features over the next few weeks!

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