New Helo LX & Opportunity Video Landing Pages

By popular request, we have just launched 2 New Video Landing Pages available to subscribers of the Wor(l)d Pro Marketing System.

These pages are now live and available in the Wor(l)d Pro member area. Not yet a subscriber? Click here to start your free trial.

Keep reading for the full details:

New 3 Minute Helo LX Video Landing Page

World Helo Landing Page
We created a video that merges the Helo LX Commercial (Love at First Beat) and the new 2 Minute Helo LX overview video, resulting in an attention-grabbing 3 minute piece that serves as a great first-exposure tool. Click here to preview it.

Plus you still have access to TWO other Helo LX landing pages that feature 2 different versions of the Helo LX 2 Minute Video. All of these pages have unique URL’s allowing you to choose which page best suits your marketing needs, and all can be shared simultaneously.

The new Helo LX landing page can be shared with our without a lead capture form and also includes customer acquisition versions that don’t funnel into any business opportunity content, but instead features only information about the Helo LX, then links directly to your Wor(l)d Store.

If you are a subscriber to the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system you can access your URLs to these pages in the member area.

New 7 Minute Opportunity Video Landing Page

World Opportunity Landing Page
In addition to our existing business opportunity landing pages, we saw the need to create another landing page that just featured the 7 minute opportunity overview, highlighting the product, company and business opportunity.

This is a perfect first-exposure tool to share with prospects and potential distributors. It funnels into the EARN page of the main replicated site, included with the Wor(l)d Pro system, in turn creating a very fluid and informative business tour.

Click here to preview it now.

And remember, you have access to different versions, each with a unique URL depending on if you wanted to capture leads or remove the web form for sharing with your warm market.

If you are a subscriber simply go to the member area to see your options and get your unique sharing URLs.

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Now that the kids are back in school and summer is coming to a close, it’s time to go out there and take massive action! We hope these new pages will help you spread the word as you take the Wor(l)d products and business around the globe!

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