Helo LX 2 min video

New Helo LX, Opportunity & Pay Plan Videos!

Wor(l)d just released two powerful new videos that will help take your business to the next level. The first video is a 2 minute overview of the HELO LX and the second video is a 7 minute overview of the Wor(l)d products and business opportunity.

We have integrated these new videos throughout the Wor(l)d Pro (http://worldgnpro.com) personal marketing system and they are now live on your personal web pages. Keep reading for the full details:

New 2 Min Helo LX Video Landing Page

We have developed a brand new landing page featuring the new 2 min Helo LX video which you can preview here.

The new 2 min video is now also live on the HELO LX full product page which you can demo here.

We have left our other version of the Helo LX 2 min video intact which you can preview here.

So you now have access to TWO professionally-designed pages, each with a unique version of the 2 min HELO LX video!

As always, you have access to versions of these pages for customer acquisition that removes navigation to the other products or business opportunity after your visitors opt-in. These versions can be great for product-focused marketing campaigns.

We also have different versions of each landing page: one that requires a phone number in the web form, one that makes the phone number field optional, and one that removes the form altogether if you are sharing with your warm market. Each version has its own URL, allowing you to share the version that best suits your target audience.

If you are a subscriber to the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system you can access your URLs to these pages in the member area.

Updated Opportunity Landing Page with the New 2 & 7 Min Videos

If you are prospecting for new distributors, sharing the new 2 min Helo LX video and the 7 min business opportunity overview video is a great first-exposure strategy.

We have updated the HELO + OPPORTUNITY landing page with the new 2 and 7 min videos which you can preview here.

Plus, just like all our landing pages, you have access to different versions, each with a unique URL depending on if you wanted to capture leads or remove the web form for sharing with your warm market.

Just head over to the member area to see your options and get your unique sharing URLs.

New Pay Plan Video

Wor(l)d recently rolled out some new pay plan enhancements and updated the pay plan document. A new pay plan video overview is now live on the EARN page of the main website included with your Wor(l)d Pro subscription. Click here to preview it.

Thank you to Grand President Millionaire, Toan Nguyen, for helping create this great new video for Wor(l)d Pro subscribers.

Stay tuned for even more opportunity-focused landing pages coming soon implementing the new 7 min company video and the new pay plan video.

Other Updates

Today Show, CBS News & Fox News Videos
Wor(l)d continues to gain media attention with the HELO LX. We have added a few of these recent clips to the HELO product pages, further increasing the 3rd party product validation. You can preview these new videos here.

Company Page Updated with the 7 Min Video
The new 7 min video provides a very good overview of Wor(l)d as a company. In addition to this video being available on our opportunity landing pages, we have also included it as the initial video on the COMPANY page of the main replicated website which you can preview here.

New Signup Packages
In July, Wor(l)d announced new enrollment packages. At that time, we updated the JOIN/BUY page of the main replicated site with the new images and pack descriptions. Go check them out on your main replicated website if haven’t already.

Referral Program
Remember, as a Wor(l)d Pro subscriber you have access to the optional referral program where you can earn 20% recurring commissions on all people you refer that subscribe. Simply go to the Referral Program section in the member area to activate your affiliate account and get your referral URLs. You can even add referral tracking to your personal website URLs, so you get the credit if people sign up for a system after visiting any of your web pages. We show you how to do this after activating your affiliate account.

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We have even more cool features and content coming out this month so keep your eyes peeled! If you have any questions about our marketing system don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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