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New WorldGN 3 Minute Video Landing Pages

Last week we launched Brand New Landing Pages featuring the new 3 minute video, released by World Global Network.

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Keep reading for the full details:

New 3 Minute Product & Opportunity Video Landing Pages

The new 3 minute video, features Life Sensing Technology, and provides an overview of the HELO, including the new HELO LX+. It also introduces BioZen, the smart chip that helps reduce electromagnetic radiation.

The video also mentions the business opportunity available through World Global Network. Because this is a product & business media piece, it was important that we built a brand new landing page with the video as the feature.

Click here to preview the 3-Min video landing page.

This landing page can serve as a great first-exposure tool, if you are wanting to lead with the product AND the business opportunity. The landing page funnels into the main replicated site (Preview main site here) that you receive as a system subscriber.

The new 3 minute landing page has 3 versions:

• A lead capture page with name, email and phone required
• A lead capture page with name and email required (phone optional)
• A page without lead capture for warm market sharing

All of these pages have unique URL’s allowing you to choose which page best suits your marketing needs, and all can be shared simultaneously.

If you are a subscriber to the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system you can access your URLs to these pages in the member area.

Other Updates

We have featured the new 3 minute video as the first video on the main replicated site, included with the marketing system (Preview main site here). Because the video provides a great product overview as well as an overview of the business opportunity, this is a perfect video to feature on the home page of the main site.

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As new product and business videos are made available by the company, we will continue to create new pages and update current pages to help you take World GN around the world!

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