Infolio Smartphone Product & Landing Pages Just Went Live!

If you haven’t already heard, Wor(l)d announced that the revolutionary Infolio Smartphone will be available sometime this summer. It will be the first phone that actively shields you from electrosmog with BioZen build right into the phone.

In anticipation of the release, our development team has launched new Infolio web pages that are included with the Wor(l)d Pro marketing system. These new pages allow you and your team to begin promoting the Infolio right now and to begin building a list of potential customers interested in the phone.

New Infolio Product Page

We have developed a full-layout product page for the Infolio which you can preview here.)

As Wor(l)d unveils more details, we will add more extensive explanations about the various features and specs.

The Infolio product page is included on the main replicated site you receive with your subscription. We have also built separate stand-alone pages for customer acquisition, allowing you to solely promote the Infolio, without navigation to the other products or the business opportunity.

The customer acquisition pages come with 2 versions. The first for warm market without a lead capture form (preview here.). And the second for cold market with a lead capture form (preview here.).

New Infolio Landing Page
Infolio Smartphone

We have also created a landing page for warm and cold market that features the Infolio sizzle video and a call to action to “get a sneak peek” at the smartphone.

This is a great lead-in page that gives people a small teaser of the Infolio and creates curiosity to learn more. You have access to different versions of the landing page, depending on if you wanted to require the visitor enter their name and email (preview here.), their name email AND phone number (preview here.), or leave the web form off the page altogether (preview here.). Each version of the page has a unique URL, and you get access to ALL of them, allowing you to share the proper page based on your intended audience.

Once your visitors click the button to learn more or fill out the form, they are brought to the full Infolio product page.

There are even customer acquisition versions of the landing page that lead into the stand-alone Infolio product page (preview here.). Once Infolio is available for ordering a “Buy” button on the product page will link directly to your Wor(l)d store.

These new pages and all URL versions are now available in the member area and you can begin sharing them now.

Referral Program

If you didn’t already know, as a subscriber to Wor(l)d Pro you can earn 20% recurring commissions for simply introducing other people to the marketing system.

We did this for one simple reason: to give everyone the opportunity to cover the cost of their subscription with just a handful of referrals. This alone can help you increase retention in your organization. If people on your team are spending less on tools that gives them more money to spend on products and marketing.

The value of our system already can’t be beat and the referral program further strengthens the value proposition for distributors. Once you subscribe, in the Wor(l)d Pro member area go to the REFERRAL PROGRAM section and follow the instructions to opt-into the program and learn how to access your referral URLs.

Other Updates

Private Jet & Luxury Travel Bonus
Wor(l)d recently added this incredible perk to the Rewards Plan for top producers. If you hit the rank of President Millionaire, Wor(l)d will Book and use a private jet for unlimited flying to all the USA, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Not only that but you can also book and enjoy top-class luxury houses in more than 150 locations at at 75% discount. We have updated the EARN page on the main website with a video and information about this Bonus.

New Signup Packages Coming
Wor(l)d will be coming out with new signup packages that include BioZen and further increase the value of the enrollment packs. Once these packs go live on the Wor(l)d Store we will update the JOIN/BUY page of the main replicated site with the new images and pack descriptions.

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If you have any questions about our marketing system don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Stay tuned for more updates, features and system content coming soon!

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