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HELO LX Product Email Campaign Now Available

One factor that differentiates the Wor(l)d GN PRO marketing system from others in the industry, is that we provide many options, depending on HOW you want to promote and WHO you want to promote to. Many systems force you to choose one landing page over another, or one email campaign that can’t be changed.

But what if you wanted to market to a potential customer and didn’t want that visitor to be bombarded with information about the business opportunity? Let’s face it, there are going to be individuals that simply won’t be interested in building a business with Wor(l)d, but would still be very interested in purchasing the HELO LX.

It is important to know your audience and deliver targeted information based on what they are most interested in.

In addition to product & opportunity email campaign that has been available in the member area, you now have access to a new email campaign series that is all about the HELO LX! This email campaign focuses strictly on the HELO LX and doesn’t mention anything about the business opportunity or earning potential with Wor(l)d. We touch briefly on the benefits of the Loyalty Membership, but only highlight the value to the consumer. It is a pure customer acquisition piece that allows you to target new potential buyers of the HELO.

To access the HELO email campaign and to learn how to set it up, visit the “Emails” section in the Wor(l)d Pro Member Area.

Using The Campaign With The Customer Acquisition Pages

In today’s landscape of network marketing, it is important to have access to tools and marketing materials that encourage customer acquisition. Regulatory bodies such as the FTC are beginning to look at direct sales companies to see if they have real customers. They are also looking to see if the marketing tools and general message of the company fosters recruitment of distributors, or of product users.

That is why we provide additional customer acquisition landing pages for the HELO and other Wor(l)d products. These landing pages remove all reference to the ability to earn income with Wor(l)d, and focus 100% on the value of the product. When your visitors click to Order, they are are taken directly to your Wor(l)d e-commerce store. Here are a couple examples of HELO customer acquisition page you get with our marketing system (Note: These are just demo links and do not link to a valid Wor(l)d Store):

–> HELO sizzle video (lead capture)
–> HELO on Fox News (lead capture)
–> HELO full product page (warm market)
–> HELO full product page (cold market)

Through aWeber, you can now set up your account to use the new HELO LX email campaign, so when a visitor fills out a web form on the customer acquisition lead capture pages, that person begins to receive a series of follow-up emails about the HELO. We recommend using a sub-account purely for customer acquisition, and your main account for distributor acquisition as explained below.

Using both the “Opportunity” & “Helo” email campaigns

You may want to use the “product & opportunity” email campaign for certain lead capture pages, and the “HELO product” email campaign for other HELO-focused lead capture pages.

Each account allows you to integrate ONE aWeber email list. To use more than one email campaign you can create a sub-account (View Tutorial Here). A sub-account is an additional account that has its own login and site URLs. Once created, you could use your sub-account for your product-focused campaigns and your main account for your business-focused campaigns. You get 1 sub-account with the Lightning plan and 2 sub-accounts with the Thunderstorm plan. If you need more sub-accounts you can upgrade your plan. Click learn how to upgrade.

How to use any CRM or autoresponder service

We are quietly working on a big update that will allow you to embed any web form from any 3rd party provider onto your lead capture pages. Until then, if you get aWeber you can use their built-in integration API to integrate with your provider, or use Zapier’s integration options. Or if you don’t want aWeber, you can still capture leads using our built-in forms then export your leads to a CSV file and import through your service provider if they have this feature.

We provide the text copy of all emails campaigns in our member area, which allows you to create the very same autoresponder campaign with another provider. While many marketing systems force you to keep your leads inside their system, our system empowers you to build your own email list which stays with you even if you choose to unsubscribe to our system.

Email deliverability is also becoming harder every year and it really takes a full-time team of dedicated professionals to ensure the best deliverability rates. It isn’t uncommon for in-house email servers with marketing system platforms to deliver less than 70% of emails to prospects inboxes. We would rather work on integrating with 3rd party companies that dedicate their entire existence to providing great email deliverability.

We have some more exciting updates coming next week that you are going to absolutely love! Stay tuned — we are just getting started :)

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